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Barrister Bears ~ Thery're not just fluff...
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The following bears are available for purchase and can be shipped immediately. You can mouse over the photo to zoom in for better detail. If you would like to order a custom bear or friend please visit the Archive Page to see the possibilities.

Charles Zoomable Image
Charles Barrister Charles

The original "Barrister Bear"© that started it all. Charles is 20" and made of imported german mohair. He is fully jointed and dressed in wool knickers, cotton shirt, vest, wool or corduroy coat, silky tie and cap. Clothing colors come in your choice of browns, gray/heather, or blues. Charles comes to you ready to work for your hugs. This particular Charles features slate gray knickers, gray tweed coat and matching gray tweed wool cap, cotton plaid vest, white shirt and blue moire silky tie. He also wears glasses for reading the morning paper and other important documents.

Open Edition $250.00 - mohair in your choice of traditional golden or crême.
I will be making him custom for you so it will take 6 weeks. If I can get it done sooner I will try.

So to order just let me know which fur color you prefer and an actual mailing address so that I can properly calculate the shipping. Free shipping in the continental US. International shipping will be according to the country.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before I start work and then the balance is paid before shipping. I will be happy to send pictures of him before I ship so that you can see what he looks like. They teds love to show off in front of a camera! When I have a confirmation of the order I will send you a invoice through PayPal in two installments or if you want to pay the whole thing up front I can just send one invoice. Whatever you prefer.

Order Your Custom Charles Bear

Charles now comes with a "Barrister-at-Law" outfit too! His added costume is a Barrister robe of black material, lace ascot, white barrister wiglet, and a leather satchel for holding those important papers. When ordering just request the additional Barrister costume.
With Barrister costume (add $55.00)

Anna E Zoomable Image
Anna Elizabeth
Anna Elizabeth Anna Right Side View Anna Elizabeth Anna Detail View Anna Back View

Anna Elizabeth is 16" tall made from vintage stringy cotton plush. She is soooo soft and floppy. Very loosely stuffed with loose joints. She has a hand-stitched cotton floss nose and her eyes are black plastic. Her paw pads are made from vintage jacquard fabric and she is wearing a cotton pinafore in pretty blue vintage print and pink cotton dotted swiss with a matching dotted swiss bow attached at her left ear. She is holding a blue silk flower spray.

Her adoption fee is $45.00

Copper Zoomable Image
Copper Copper Sitting Right View Copper Sitting Left View

Copper is a 16" fully jointed bear made from short pile, imported German Schulte mohair. He is a dreamy, creamy color with copper glass eyes and copper tinting around his face and claws. His nose and claws are also handstitched in copper and he sports a wool woven scarf tied neatly around his neck in a shade of... you guessed it... Copper!

Copper has been sold, Thank you!
Buster Zoomable Image
Buster Buster Ready To Travel Buster Sitting Buster Back View

Buster is a simple 16" ted in a classic traditional style. He is made from brown high quality synthetic plush fur and has a hand embroidered nose and mouth. He is medium stuffed with polyfil and fully jointed with hand- stitched plastic eyes. He wears a collar of antique crocheted lace tied loosely around his neck. His legs are straight and finished in brown suede leather footpads. His arms are curved for hugging and also have paw pads. He is not weighted but is medium to hard stuffed. He is highly skilled at the conversational arts and social graces and will provide nice compliments to your every thought and whim!

Buster $55.00

Bearugard Zoomable Image
Bearugard Bearugard Bearugard

Bearugard is a 19" bent-leg bear made for sitting. His imported synthetic fur is a deep scruffy amber brown color. His muzzle is slightly shaved and his ears are set back on his head for a really cute expression! He is a very quiet, introspective little bear and likes to spend time contemplating menus, soft pillows, and snuggly sweaters. His snuggly sweater is handknit by his grandmammy bear in his favorite blue spruce color with shiny buttons. He also wears a double ribbon bow of silver and blue organza. Please take the time to look at his side view as he didn't really want to take the picture and it was really hard to get him to sit still for it.
He is a one-of-a-kind

Bearugard $125.00

Duffy Zoomable Image
Duffy Duffy Duffy Duffy

Duffy is 12" tall but prefers to sit. He is made in the classic traditional style with straight arms and legs. His legs are tightly jointed to sit firmly and not fall over but his arms are slightly less tight making it easier to pose. He is made from brown shorter pile synthetic plush fur in a deep chocolate. He has black plastic eyes and a hand-embroidered nose and mouth. He is medium stuffed with polyfil, not weighted, and his paw and foot pads are made from matching chocolate suede leather.
He sports a super extravagant blue sparkle organza ribbon bow. It's almost too big but he loves it!

Duffy $55.00

Niles Zoomable Image
Niles Niles Niles Niles

Niles is a bent leg bear who "sits" 20" tall. He is shown here in imported synthetic fur of two-toned, scruffy dark caramel. His muzzle is shaved for a cuter expression and so are his paw and footpads. Niles wears an Edwardian era reproduction "safari suit" for scouting his favorite animals. He loves to play hunt and seek! It consists of spectacles, a cool white linen shirt, matching cotton canvas pants and coat with leather accents, real leather gaitors for walking in the high brush and a hard helmet to protect from those pesky, coconut-throwing lemurs.

Niles $165.00

Scamp Zoomable Image
Scamp Face View Scamp Standing Scamp Front View Scamp Sitting LeftFront View

"Scamp" is a mischievous little 16" teddy bear crafted from imported synthetic fur and german glass eyes. He is fully jointed and has an amusing hand-stitched nose in black. His luxurious fur is variegated amber brown to ash with a deep black undercoat and has been cut to highlight his loveable features. He is quite the little rascal and his softly trimmed paw pads allow him to slip away and find his favorite sitting places!
Scamp is wearing a basic Edwardian styled collar of burgundy, black and gold print cotton with a simple black satin ribbon bow.

Scamp has been sold, Thank you!

These teds are collectibles and not intended for children.

All our artist bears will be sent gift boxed with their Bear Certificates as a symbol of their uniqueness and the long hours and care taken to lovingly create them.

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