New Bears on the block!

In Barrister Bears, Brown Bear Club


Welcome to the first story from the Brown Bear Club.  Well, really its just an introduction to the dreams and hopes of a little collective of brown teddy bears. The BBC was originally formed in 1985 for the purpose of sharing their many stories and adventures.  The mission statement of the club is to have at least one member go an adventure every year in order to study the world at large, meet new teds and bears and other fuzzy friends.  Sometimes this is easy to accomplish and sometimes too much time goes by and we get a little bored… And a little silly.

I hope that you enjoy our stories but just in case we want to make sure you are welcome to also enjoy the other features of the Brown Bear Club.    We will post meeting minutes on a semi-regular basis and discuss other topics that interest us.  Such as food, decorating, really good epic books, artwork, philosophy, and of course people.   Teddy bears are by their very nature,   people watchers.

We all want you to know you are welcome to leave polite comments and suggestions.

And please,

remember to use your indoor voice.

Respectfully submitted, Honikaua and Ulysses Presidents of the Clovis chapter and the Prather chapter, sunny California.

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  1. Wow – nice to see our new Brown Bear Club – Barrister Bears blog. Can’t wait to see the new website up for orders.

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