Snoodles goes to a Doll Show

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The experience was a real confidence booster.  Snoodles had no idea what he was getting himself in for but he’s always been an adventurous bear.  The Brown Bear Club had received a request for a delegate to attend a Doll Show in northern California (San Jose) where Barrister Bears was exhibiting.   Some of the antique dolls were a little nervous about breakage and they wanted a bodyguard. He has returned with an improved outlook on life as a teddy bear AND a new name.   You can now address him as “Escobida Manuel Vallejo Noodles Vasquez”  star of spaghetti westerns worldwide.  Well, the teddy bear versions that is…   (I’ll bet you didn’t know there were teddy bear western movies.) The girls in the club all think he is sooo cute with his new outfit.  He has a six-shooter revolver and a neat sombrero with gold trim.   He has requisitioned a poncho to complete the outfit, preferably in blue or white with black weavings.  But he’s not picky.   In the photo we caught him sticking up the dog for her “personal belongings”… When making his report to the Brown Bear Club he told about the lack of teddy bear participation in the show.  “It was mostly dolls.  I didn’t even see any antique bears.  In fact,  I didn’t see much as I was behind the booth (sleeping) all day.  But I did interview three older respectable bears who came with a show visitor.  They said they only saw a bunch of steiffs who were “stiff”.   There weren’t much for conversation.” Noodles Vasquez also reported that the TV in the hotel room did NOT have cable and he was led to believe that all hotels had cable.   The Brown Bear Club members were aghast and wrote the name of the hotel in their book of “places not to stay”. So he still doesn’t know what an actual Spahetti Western looks like.  He’s assuming that its a movie covered with lots of pasta sauce.  They use that for fake blood.   The Brown Bears interrupted with cries of “too messy, gets in the fur”.  Honi asked “You’re not thinking of having a spaghetti western here are you?” Noodles Vasquez would like the Brown Bear Club readers to submit titles of their favorite spaghetti western films for him to view.  He wants to have a film festival for the next club meeting.   Moonbeam volunteered to bring meatballs that they could eat with sharp pointy sticks so they don’t get their fur messy.  Conan seconded the motion and once again the BBC dissolved into party plans without a formal dismissal or apparently even a vote. Please let us know which western themed movies are your favorites!